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Meet the Artist 

Kathryn McCabe is an Artist and Illustrator from Long Island, New York.  Aside from art, she is a Certified Vinyasa Yoga & Paddle board Yoga teacher and enjoys practicing and spending her time on the water and with her dog Niko. Growing up on Long Island her love for nature has always been quite clear, as she is very passionate about animals, the ocean & environmental conservation.  Her commissions for pet portraits grew naturally, as she started painting her dog and other animals, her business began! She worked for a while as a Chalk Sign Artist for Whole foods. From there she began making wedding signs, seating charts, calligraphy and live wedding painting.  Painting has forever been her passion. The painting process is very meditative & engaging. Her favorite thing about Painting animals and people are the eyes. It captures that emotion and energy that deepens our sense of connection between art and the viewer, and simultaneously allows us to feel love, joy and peace that she is inspired to create.  

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