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Live Guest Painting


Live Watercolor Guest Portrait Painting is a unique and fun way to capture and connect with your guests throughout your event! 

Kathryn can complete a watercolor guest portrait in 7-9 minutes and about 15 minutes for each couple. She takes a reference photo of the guests when they come over to the table so they can continue enjoying the party and come back for the finished product at the end of the night! The guests name & date is written on the top of the 5x7 Watercolor paper, and they have their stylized and unique portrait to bring home! 

The Artist start time for a wedding is when the family and bridal party arrives to take pictures with the bride, groom and photographers. This allows Kathryn to gather a few reference photos of the guests that are closest to the couple so she get started painting them first. She will continue to paint through cocktail hour and the reception as the guest come and see the portraits that have been painted throughout the night and watch them come to life! 

Kathryn aims to finish as many portraits she can on the night of your event, but it is not guaranteed everyone will walk away with a finished painting. If you would like to have the remainder of the guests completed there is a additional fee for those remaining portraits completed in Studio 

8 hours of Live Guest Portrait Painting- $2,000

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